How is Mobile SEO Different from Desktop SEO? A Short Guide

Hired the Best SEO Company in India, but your mobile SEO strategies are still poor? We have the right information regarding mobile SEO that will help you to enhance your site visibility on mobiles.

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What exactly is mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO revolves around providing a better experience to the users or visitors on a mobile site. When we say experience, we mean website loading speed, no website issues, and quality content that meets the intent of the user.

In today’s world, it is of utmost crucial to provide an easy-to-access website to visitors; else they will give you an increased ‘bounce rate’.

What is the importance of Mobile SEO?

There hardly would be anyone who doesn’t use a smartphone. Mobiles are the easiest and quickest ways to find a product or service provider. So half of the traffic on a website can be seen from the mobiles. We rely on our mobile phones for every small and big task.

  • Need to order food online? Grab your mobile and find a nearby restaurant that takes online orders.
  • Need IT to support services? Grab your mobile and find the leading IT support service provider in your local area or the global one.
  • Need a haircut? Find a famous and top-rated salon near you.

Everything is done online on mobile. Hence, companies have to make sure that their website comes in the top search result. For that, they need mobile SEO. So when you are working on your SEO strategies, work on mobile SEO strategies as well to get the attention of the audience using both desktop and mobile.

Best SEO Company in India

Mobile V/S Desktop SEO

Many people confuse desktop SEO and mobile SEO. Both of these terms are not the same, but the goal is the same: reaching the maximum number of people, increasing website traffic, and convert them into leads. Some desktop SEO techniques could work for mobile SEO, but their implementation is a bit different.

The major difference between desktop and mobile is the result. For the same search query, results on the desktop could be different than that of the mobile one. Moreover, there are other factors that impact the result of mobile search results, such as your location. So an SEO strategy working for your desktop might not be giving the same results on the mobile. So you have to pay attention to the mobile search results while working on mobile SEO.

So not only desktop SEO, but you need to focus on mobile SEO as well.

To get the right results, get in touch with the Best SEO Company in India and ask them to work on your mobile SEO strategies.


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